Letters of Spiritual Friendship

Paramhansa Yogananda at Washington's Tomb

Presented here are various loving letters from Yogananda’s disciples, and from other Kriya Yoga representatives.


From Daya Mata, 1994

Dear One,

Your letter has reached me and I want to thank you for enclosing the little packet of holy leaves from the rose bush in Assisi. I visited Assisi on several occasions during my travels to India and Europe and have many fond memories of those sacred grounds. I remember with deep appreciation the kindness of the monks who allowed us to visit the portions of the building where St. Francis stayed.

We want to assure you that we hold no ill will toward Ananda or its members and realize that there are many who are benefitting from the life there. We believe, as did Gurudeva, that there is room enough for all in this world, and do not want to question the sincerity and devotion of anyone who is earnestly seeking God by whatever path they have chosen. Let me just encourage you to take the best of both organizations and follow steadfastly the one supreme Guru, Paramahansa Yogananda.

May God and Guru bless you in all you spiritual efforts,

God love you,

Daya Mata


From Swami Kriyananda, 2001

Dear ~~~:

Happy birthday! Yours is an easy one for me to remember, as my brother, Bob, was also born on that day.

May your heart overflow today—and even more tomorrow!—with the love of Her who gave you birth.

With love and blessings, in Master,



From Brother Bhaktananda, 1992

Dear ~~~:

I was very happy to receive your letter and hear that Mark Stickney told you of some of the interesting experiences I had with Master. Yes, the carrot juice increase to fill all of the glasses was truly a miracle, but as I have mentioned to our congregations, one had to watch Master carefully in order to catch the miracles he performed because he seldom brought it to our attention. Most people were unaware, as they were intrigued with him and what he was speaking about.

The soya chicken was something else. He made the gluten from wheat flower and worked several hours fashioning the turkey, which looked so very real. How surprised we all were when it arrived on the platter! Master did not offer a wing to me, but to the guests sitting near him.

You asked about publishing a book based on the various experiences our monks and nuns had with Master. As a matter of fact, we are planning just such a book that will be written and available sometime in the future. I can’t specify just when, but it will be coming out for the public to enjoy and learn more about our wonderful Master.

May God, Master and our great Gurus bless you unceasingly with their joy, love, peace, bliss, and divine light.

In divine friendship,



From Brenda Lewis, (daughter of Dr. Lewis), 1995


Thank you for your letter inquiring about recordings of my father’s lectures and music. I wish I could be more cooperative and provide these things to devotees, but it isn’t possible. I do have a set of 78rpm records which I made back in the 1960’s from old recordings, but there is only music, no voice of Dr. Lewis.

It was wonderful to receive a letter as yours filled with the true spirit of Master. I am sure that with such enthusiasm your meditations will increase in joy until you need no outward stimuli, such as records or music, to enhance them. Of course, it does take a little while for us to get to that state, but it is in sight, and we are welling with ever-new joy at the prospect.

Keep on as you are, with complete devotion and surrender to Master and you will find his holy hand guiding your every move, not only in meditation, but during the vagaries of outward living.

All blessings to you,

Brenda Lewis Rosser

P.S. Thank you about your kind words about “Treasures.” Perhaps next Christmas conditions will be such that I can provide some of the things you asked for.


From Swami Shankarananda, 2005

Dear divine ~~~,

This is a very good question. But you see the Indian habit is not to ask your Guru anything about birth, previous life etc. We always only listen to them. Maybe the answer was known to Prabhujee, but we really did not think of asking.

About the Sanyas (Swami-hood) initiation of Sriyukteswarjee: we all know only as much as you know. I am very sorry that I am unable to answer this question, but this is also curious to me, since you gave the idea. I think there are some people in West Bengal who may have this information. I will try to collect it. The temple/ashram work is going slow.

Thanking you.
Blessings from God and Gurus.
Swami Shankarananda Giri


From Swami Prajnanananda, 2005

Loving and Divine ~~~,

God bless you.

Happy to read your mail. I also remember the Western faces in that lecture in Puri.

Happy to know about your study about the life of the Kriya Masters. Swami Shriyukteshwarji was intitated into sannyas, monastic life by Swami Krishna dayal Gir of Bodhagaya, on Guru Purnima, fullmoonday of July in 1906. It is mentioned in the book published by our ashram.

Praying for you.
Meditate and be divine.
With Love,


From Swami Vishwananda, 2008

Dear ~~~,

Thank you very much for your greetings. I send you my love.

Swami Vishwananda


A friendly letter from Roy Eugene Davis was unfortunately lost, in which he gave generous permission to freely quote from his books, as long as the source is given.