Paramhansa Yogananda: History, Life, Mission

This book is fruit of a lifelong dedication as a disciple of Yogananda. It is lovingly offered by a devotee to devotees: to those who might be interested in detailed insider-information about Yogananda’s life, and about the history of his work. It might be described as unorthodox, as it doesn’t follow any particular party line.

Every topic has been diligently researched. Of course errors and misunderstandings are bound to be found: perfection is not of this world, and has certainly not been attained by the author. The texts are not written in scientific fashion, but are meant to read easily. Please forgive any inevitable inaccuracies in the English language: though the author has been speaking English daily for many years, it’s not his mother tongue.

Most of these chapters have earlier been published in a raw form on another site, which is now regretted, since that site is uncharitable. But back then the author didn’t know where else to place them.

If you should happen to find yourself in disagreement with any statements in the book, please take it as an opportunity to strengthen your “harmony-muscle.” The book’s intention is simply to describe Yogananda’s history as accurately as possible. It doesn’t claim to be always right, and presents the understanding of just one person.

All quotations and photos are in public domain.

For easier reading, you may also download this book (it’s not short!) as a PDF file: both in letter format to print, and in book size to be read as an iBook. See sidebar.

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May we all grow in our understanding of a Premavatar‘s mission, blessing, love. One time a disciple was having an exceptionally difficult time, and he said to Yogananda, “Please bless me.” The Master looked at him through his great luminous eyes, and then replied with profound gentleness: “I am blessing you all the time. So much I cannot even say – so much – it is better not even to ask. Just receive it.”

Jai Guru,
and jai “Yogananda-Harmony