Thank You!

Free-Will Donation

In India when visiting an ashram, you meditate there, listen, eat, and at the end you leave a donation, in order not only to take, but to give. This site follows the same pattern: read, study, enjoy various texts you’ve been offered, and then give something back, by means of a special donation.

A Dwapara Yuga Donation, Made of Energy

Your donation is your conscious effort to put out energy, intending to create harmony amongst Kriya groups. The stronger our energy, the stronger the magnetism we build. Many drops make the sea. So the next time you meditate, visualize yourself with different Kriya groups, all sitting united in harmony, worshipping God and Gurus. With this visualization, inwardly repeat the following prayer by Yogananda:

“Teach us to chant in harmony
our love’s many expressions unto Thee,
that our melody of souls
may rouse Thee to break Thy vow of silence
and lift us onto Thy lap
of universal understanding and immortality.”
(Praecepta Lessons)

May Divine Harmony fill you.

With Blessings, Paramhansa Yogananda